If you’re looking to redesign, update, or remodel your garage, it may be time to consider the storage and organization aspects of the space. What’s more, you want the entire space to align with a singular theme. Having more than one theme can create some concept conflict that you and your guests will immediately notice and feel uncomfortable about mentioning. Make it easier on you and your friends by determining the theme of your garage as a part of the update process.

In this article, Beautiful Garage is going to give you 10 ideas for garage themes and some general tips on how to implement those themes. What’s more, you can pick a theme from this blog and bring it to us. We’ll work with you to design a garage storage and organization space that fits your tastes, as well as needs.

Garage Theme Ideas to Get You Started

It’s tough to decide what your garage is going to look and feel like without some kind of guideline. Some of the best garage designers in the world start with theme first. This gives them a concept or starting point to build everything off of as they plan the update of a space. Let’s do the same thing together in this blog post.

Theme #1: Vintage

Think checkered floor, custom wood cabinets, and organized wall storage. What’s more, your vintage style can be from a number of decades, the accessories are just the start. You can delve into the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s, and beyond. The checkered floor alongside red accent colors is a great look among others you may discover.

Theme #2: Contemporary / Modern

When you think modern, do you imagine clean lines and purposeful function? The modern/contemporary look is more than just a clean look. The use of your garage is purposeful. Why you want to use the garage and how you want to use it play a big role in this design. Expect to have two contrasting colors and a third complementary color to smooth out this type of garage theme.

Theme #3: Urban

Imagine bright lights and the big city: the concrete jungle should come to mind. If you’ve ever been downtown in a city with skyscrapers, this urban feel can be applied to your garage. A great example of this would be the heart of San Francisco.

Overall, an urban theme is for all the city lovers out there.

Theme #4: Rustic Country

When’s the last time you spent time in a barn that’s more than 100 years old? If you’ve had the honor of spending time in a structure that old, you’ve experienced first-hand a rustic country feel. Imagine a rural farm out on acreage. The farmhouse, barn, and horizon all contribute to the feeling of wide-open spaces. Your rustic country garage can communicate this feeling with the use of wood, steel, and “hard” textured materials.

Theme #5: Man Cave

If you’re into sports bars or pool halls, the man cave is the theme for you. A man cave can mean so many different things. It’s important to center your man cave theme around two or three of your favorite hobbies. If you have a motorcycle, love baseball, and want to drink beer with your buddies, a bar theme may be the best bet. Also, you could go with a classic car theme, in which you have your current car project there in the garage, a TV for the latest and greatest films, and a cooler full of your favorite beverages.

Theme #6: Auto Shop

If you like to work on vehicles, you may want to go with the auto shop theme. You may feel at home around a mechanic’s toolbox and engines. That’s great! You can get a checkered epoxy floor, custom steel cabinets, and wall storage that gives you a place for each of your tools. What’s more, you may be able to install a lift, which would give you an added layer of an auto shop feel to the space.

Theme #7: Exotic

Do you own an exotic car? Do you want a garage that showcases your vehicles? As mentioned above in the auto shop theme, you can give your vehicles a sweet epoxy flooring coat that will gently hold the rubber tires of your Porsche, Ferrari, or Lamborghini. What’s more, you want your garage to be organized so that all the focus is on your car. Custom cabinets for your gear and wall storage for all your accessories are great ways to keep things tidy.

Theme #8: Outdoor Recreation

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? You may like driving a few hours into the mountains and camping out for days at a time. You may prefer to spend hours on a lake, fishing for the biggest catch. Or, you enjoy taking long hikes through the countryside. If this sounds like you, where will you keep all your gear? A cluttered garage makes things way more difficult to get out the door and on the road to your destination. Instead, why not keep your boat, camping gear, or hiking pack stored and organized neatly in your garage? It’s a small investment for huge emotional and physical gain.

Theme #9: Beverage and Bar

A nice red wine can work wonders on a stressed-out mind. Consider a nice white wine to take the edge off the day. You may be more of a craft beer enthusiast. No matter your flavor, you can update your garage around this love for spirits. Once your garage is organized, you can invite your friends and family over to show off what you’ve done with the space — and more importantly, spend time with them.

Theme #10: Casino

Can you never get enough of the casino feel? Why not bring the lights, sounds, and atmosphere to your garage? You may be the type who loves a game of chance — blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, and beyond. No matter your craving, you can design it and make it the focal point of your garage.

Did you choose a theme? It’s time you contacted Beautiful Garage to get started on designing your dream garage today!