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5 Reasons to Upgrade to an Epoxy Garage Floor


Many homeowners in San Francisco are using epoxy on their garage floors. Wondering why epoxy garage floors? An epoxy garage floor is a thermosetting resin floor coating applied on the garage surface. It is a mixture of resin and hardener that forms a thick paste-like substance. When the paste is applied, it blends with the concrete, creating a hard and resistant surface. If you’re interested in learning more about epoxy floors read on, and contact Beautiful Garage for Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of epoxy garage floors.

Epoxy Garage Floors Are
More Durable

Concrete floors are hard but are not resistant to damage. When objects hit the floor, they cause cracks and dents that expand when subjected to the car’s weight.

Having an epoxy coating on your garage floor helps resist the impact of falling objects. The hardened resin also resists the car’s pressure. As a result, the floor will last longer, and there will be little or no need to do repairs.

Image of grey epoxy garage floor.
Image of tan epoxy garage floor.


Epoxy Garage Floors Are
Easy to Clean

Concrete floors are prone to staining when your car’s oil starts to leak. This causes a dark, awful stain that can be tough to remove.

Epoxy garage surfaces are not porus and thus are resistant to these stains. Even if oil spills, you can easily wipe it off of the surface.


Epoxy Garage Floors Improve Your Home’s Beauty

At Beautiful Garage, we have different epoxy floor styles and designs that easily blend into any color scheme. In addition, our options complement your existing patterns creating a more appealing effect. Epoxy garage floors also have reflective surfaces that brighten the room.

Image of epoxy garage floor.

Epoxy Garage Floors Are Moisture Resistant

These strong and durable surfaces minimize moisture on garage floors. During the rainy season, water easily slides to the drainage system.

However, these surfaces can be slippery at times. At Beautiful Garage, we add a rough finish to help you generate extra grip to prevent slipping.

Epoxy Garage Floors Require Little Maintenance

Epoxy garage floors require little to no maintenance, especially when compared to other types of flooring. The surface is hard and sturdy, minimizing the need for repairs. The only maintenance needed is an occasional cleaning to restore the floor’s shine.

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Epoxy Garage Floors

Epoxy garage floors are becoming a popular choice in San Francisco. At Beautiful Garage, we provide epoxy floor installation and maintenance services. So why wait any longer when you can book an appointment with us today? We’re reliable, convenient, and also cost-effective. Visit our site today and learn more about why epoxy garage floors are the best floors.  

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