In the running for one of the best garage floor finishes has got to be epoxy concrete floors. Every type of garage flooring has some advantages and disadvantages to consider. However, epoxy floors are one of the options with fewer drawbacks and far more benefits. Understanding what those benefits are will help you get a better idea of whether or not you should hire the epoxy garage floor installers at Beautiful Garage in the San Francisco area to install new epoxy floors for you!

Our team offers all sorts of solutions for upgrading your garage. Not only do we offer a range of garage flooring services, we also can install a new garage cabinet system and more! We believe that making your garage stronger, more organized, and more beautiful can be an affordable and extremely practical investment. If you would like to discuss ways to upgrade your garage to better suit your needs and vision, schedule your complimentary consultation with Beautiful Garage today!

Why Get Epoxy Concrete Floors?

As a garage floor finish, epoxy coatings are ideal if you want to transform your space and make your garage floors tougher, more durable, and more long-lasting. Epoxy floor coatings adhere to your existing concrete and are designed to create distinct qualities. Sealing and curing the surface of your floors, epoxide resin with other additives creates a firm bond that produces new stability and endurance. Benefits of epoxy floors include:

Appearance & Defect Elimination

If you want to make your space look sleek and elegant, epoxy floor coatings are a great way to do so. The shiny surface is a great way to complement any decorative lighting you have in your garage, giving the space new dimensionality. What is more, epoxy also covers up any damage or defects currently plaguing your garage floors. You can get transparent epoxy, but if you want to hide defects even more effectively, consider choosing epoxy paint, adding all the benefits of epoxy as well as a new color for your floors. If you so desire, we can also add decorative chips of quartz or mica into the epoxy mixture before it adheres to your garage concrete to give off a speckled look, and also increase traction.


Epoxy garage floors are extremely robust and resilient to damage, being able to sustain high traffic, heavy machinery, impacts, stains, cracks, chemical spills, and more. No need to worry about dropping anything heavy and chipping your concrete garage floors if they are coated in epoxy. Epoxy floors are many times stronger than your current concrete.

Ease of Maintenance

Yet another advantage of epoxy garage floor coatings is just how simple they are to maintain. Did you know that your concrete actually produces a fair bit of dust and cement particles? By covering it with epoxy you are installing reducing the amount of dust and other particles in your garage. Residual concrete dust is contained and your floors become easier to sweep and clean, due to the smooth surface of epoxy.

Without an epoxy coating, your concrete floors are vulnerable to damage from winter road salt and other particles. However, epoxy is resistant to such compounds, and is much easier to clean as well. The occasional sweeping and mopping are pretty much all you will need to do to ensure that your garage floors stay shiny and beautiful indefinitely.


Not only are epoxy floors capable of handling hard impacts, it can also support a great deal of weight as well. The tensile strength of epoxy is between 3,000 pounds per square inch to 10,000 pounds per square inch, depending on what type of epoxy you are using. No matter how heavy your vehicle or other things in your garage are, there are epoxy flooring solutions available that are strong enough to keep your floors looking great and undamaged even under heavy loads and serious wear and tear.


Another thing that makes epoxy concrete floors so advantageous is that after you get them installed, they last for a very long time and dramatically improve the lifespan of your concrete as well. If you want your garage floor to look great for years or even decades to come, applying epoxy resin to it is a good long-term investment.


Epoxy is also very affordable compared to other options, such as removing and installing new garage floors. Epoxy allows you to retain your current floors, increase their longevity, all while giving them a bright, smooth new look, with options for adding epoxy garage floor paint as well. It’s tough to beat the price per square foot of epoxy flooring compared to other types of flooring. Since it can simply be installed over top of your existing concrete, costs usually remain quite low. This is one of the biggest and most immediate benefits of going with epoxy flooring for your garage.

Special Resistance

Epoxy floors give your garage new resistance to things like heavy shocks, chemicals, water, and heat. Since cars sometimes emit corrosive chemicals, epoxy is a perfect flooring solution for garages. If your car is leaking brake fluid or oil, with epoxy garage floors there is no reason to panic, as these chemicals can be cleaned up without damaging your floors at all.

The typical heat limit of epoxy is 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you need it to be able to withstand higher temperatures, there are higher grades of epoxy that can meet your needs.


Epoxy floors add a few qualities to your garage that makes it safer to be in, on top of the resistance benefits we talked about earlier. Due to the reflectivity of epoxy, it can improve safety by increasing the amount of light in a space. It also can help by adding extra traction to your floors, as additives like polymer grip, mortar, etc. can be included in your epoxy to make your surfaces less slick. Speak with us to discuss what other safety elements would be best to incorporate on your new epoxy garage floors.

Helps Your Vehicles

Lastly, another worthwhile reason to get your garage’s concrete floors coated with epoxy is that it helps keep your vehicle’s tires in better shape, due to its uniform surface. Concrete adds more wear and tear on your tires, while epoxy’s smoothness is much better for reducing tire deterioration. Epoxy is also extremely strong, making it suitable for supporting parked vehicles for temporary or prolonged storage. Epoxy floors are also better for doing maintenance work over, as they won’t get stained by harsh chemicals or damaged by dropped vehicle parts, so you can feel more confident when doing mechanical work in your garage.

Get Epoxy Concrete Floors Installed in San Francisco

Now that you have considered the many advantages of getting epoxy floor coatings for your garage, you may be thinking it’d be good to talk with a professional epoxy garage floor installer to plan out the details of your own garage and to get a quote. Beautiful Garage is able to help! Reach out to our team for a free quote or to discuss the details of your project! We offer some of the most affordable, high-quality epoxy floor installations in the San Francisco area. With decorative finishes like granite, terrazzo, and quartz, we can help give your garage an entirely new personality! Check out our references/testimonials to see how our insistence on amazing quality and long-term service extends through every project we undertake.