Your garage is one space that can quickly be converted into the room’s junk drawer equivalent. Unfortunately, once you begin using your garage as storage for household clutter, things can inevitably and rapidly get out of hand. However, Beautiful Garage will provide you with custom garage organization techniques that will help keep things in order in your garage.

Do you enjoy having to climb over rows of boxes or sorting through various tools while trying to find something in the garage? This can be pretty tiring and frustrating. If this frustrates you, you should therefore consider reorganizing your garage.

The organization tips below will come in handy in transforming your garage into an orderly and clean workspace or a storage area. Consequently, you will be able to locate anything you need with ease.

Put Like Things Together

Before you begin sorting things, choose designated locations for all items. Like items should be grouped – such as sports equipment, garden tools, workbench necessities, decorations, or stored furniture.

Design a Shelving System

Wire baskets, recycling bins, and metal planters can be repurposed easily and affixed to the walls of your garage to be used as additional storage spaces. Do not forget that your garage ceiling can also be an ideal place for hanging bikes or installing garage cabinets.

infographic about ways to organize your garage

Reorganize, Reduce, Reuse

A lot of additional floor storage can be created from containers that you already have. Storage of your items in stacked open plastic bins, crates, or labeled buckets helps keep the floor clear while also allowing you to see the location of everything easily.

Garage Wire Shelving

Mounting shelves on your garage walls is among the most straightforward storage ideas for small garages. Maximize the storage space of your garage easily and quickly with affordable baskets, shelves, and hooks. A single morning is enough to have these racks set up.


The main challenge is not necessarily identifying the most aesthetically pleasing and elaborate plans to organize your garage space. Instead, it is having the motivation and putting aside some time to organize your garage. 

Keeping a clean garage is made a lot easier when you have a beautiful, newly finished garage floor. If you’re interested in learning more about our San Francisco garage flooring services, reach out to the team at Beautiful Garage today.