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Garage Cabinet Installation Services in San Francisco


Every garage needs to have enough storage space for tools, car products, items for your hobbies, and more. Utilizing garage cabinets can help keep your place organized and clean. Garage cabinets create more storage space in the garage. This leaves you with more space to park your car. 

At Beautiful Garage, we design and install custom garage cabinets for our clients. We are among the best service providers you will find in San Francisco. Read on to learn more about our garage cabinet installation services.


Wood Cabinet Installation

At Beautiful Garage, we install solid wood garage cabinets. Our wood cabinets are one-inch thick, making them two times stronger than standard wooden garage shelves. We also use European-made door hinges and heavy-duty drawer shelves to ensure that your garage cabinets are strong enough to store all your tools, equipment, and more. 

Image of a garage with custom cabinets.
Image of blue custom-made garage cabinets.

Steel Cabinet Installation

All our steel garage cabinets are products of engineered 18-gauge steel. The main benefit of these cabinets is that they hold more weight, making them the best option for commercial garages. The steel cabinets hold up to 100 pounds per drawer. Yet, despite all that weight, the compartments glide with ease. We have different designs for our clients that come with various finishes and colors.



Our Cabinet Finishes

Beautiful Garage specializes in custom-made garage cabinets. We offer numerous finishes to provide clients with more options. We understand that our clients have different preferences, and that is why we continually update these options.

Visit our website to view our different design and finish options. We offer classical style finishes for those who prefer traditional styles, as well as a number of other styles. Our team offers consultation services to help you pick the perfect choice.

Image of custom garage cabinets from Beautiful Garage.
Image of red custom garage cabinets from Beautiful Garage in San Fransico.


View Our Gallery of Custom-Made Garage Cabinets

Before working on any projects, we advise our clients to refer to our gallery. This will provide you with a clear picture of what to expect when you hire us to build your custom-made garage cabinets. The gallery also helps those looking for different design ideas find inspiration. 

Expert Garage Installation San Francisco 

There is more to gain from custom-made garage cabinets. At Beautiful Garage, we provide residents of San Francisco with garage cabinet installation services. Contact our team today to learn more!


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