Whether your new home is finally finished or you’ve recently moved into a new home, you’ll eventually take a look at your garage and wonder how you plan on organizing it. After the move, your belongings naturally find their appropriate place and space inside, but all the extra items seemingly gather in the garage. If you’re a homeowner in Alamo, you may be searching for a way to declutter your garage. You don’t have to deal with seasonal decorations, scattered sports equipment, or misplaced tools across multiple tool benches. You can have the showroom, man cave, or storage space you’ve always wanted. Beautiful Garage is all about providing you with custom garage organization solutions for your Alamo garage space.

Our Services

Whether you need to clear space for your car or hang your bicycle on the wall, Garage Solutions offers custom design and planning to manage your garage organization. We offer cabinetry, extra storage, and flooring. If you’ve imagined your garage being a showroom, man cave, or a well-organized space, we can help!


As a custom garage organization company, Garage Solutions offers a variety of cabinetry options to fulfill your vision. Whether you want to stick with a classic look with wood or a modern look with steel, we can help bring your garage end-goal to life. We understand the value of effective storage, and we want to share that value with you.


Do you need extra cabinet space to store your tools, car-care products, or miscellaneous items? Our wood cabinets are one-inch in thickness, which is half-an-inch thicker than industry standard. The strength and integrity of our cabinets stand up to most fittable garage items. Not only do we offer strong, great looking cabinets, but ours come with what’s called “protective-edge banding” to reduce scratching, dings, and damage to the wood. We also offer a variety of colors to transform the aesthetic feel of your garage with your cabinets.


Do you want a modern look inside your garage? You can achieve a bold aesthetic with steel cabinets. Not only can you make a statement with your modern cabinetry, but you can rely on the strength and integrity of the material. Storage drawers hold upwards of 100 pounds while sliding open easily. If you’re looking to store tools or garden equipment, you can trust Garage Solutions work to provide everything you need.


Whether you’ve chosen wood or steel for your cabinetry, we offer finishes to pair function with style. The aesthetics of your garage matter just as much as the functionality of each cabinet and drawer. You can continue your bold statement and finish your steel cabinets with a unique color, or you can stick with the traditional wood approach and use a classic finish.

Garage Flooring Solutions

Do you have a concrete slab as a garage floor right now? Have you ever wanted to finish your flooring to create the perfect showroom for your classic car or simply transform the space into an effective work area? You’re not alone. Our clients at Garage Solutions all had a vision for their garage, and we delivered. We offer 20 durable, tough epoxy flooring options to choose from. Colors, styles, and designs vary so we can transform your garage floor and enhance the visual appeal of the entire space.

Residential Garage Floors

If you’re like our team at Garage Solutions, we love our homes. Even more so, we love our garages. Whether you want a man cave, showroom, workspace, or more equipment storage, we know what it takes to transform your garage. Nonetheless, all of this movement, arranging, parking, and playing happens on your garage floor. The daily use over time can cause slow wear and tear. That’s why we offer our garage epoxy flooring. The product is resilient, tough, and durable over time. You can also choose from one of our 20 color and style choices to match your potential or current storage.

Floor Finishes

Our team focuses primarily on function; it’s the reason we’re able to offer the best garage organization in Alamo. We also understand the importance of style, design, and aesthetics. Our various epoxy flooring and color options allow you to create the perfect garage space for your needs. If you’re storing classic cards, storing equipment, or desire a beautiful man cave, we can help you decide which color options work best together.

Wall Storage

Have you ever asked yourself, “can I get everything off the garage floor except for my car?” You’re not alone. Homeowners in Alamo ask the same questions when they talk to us about their garage organization goals and needs. Fortunately, we have various solutions to answer this question with a resounding yes. After you decide on which cabinets and floor finish to use for your garage space, you will want to consider our StorALL organization solution. It offers a wall grid to hook and hang equipment, items, and other belonging. The solution gets your clutter off the floor and away from your vehicle. This system is also customizable so your space, needs, and ultimate goals can be accomplished with ease.

Garage Organization with Garage Solutions in Alamo

If you’re looking for a way to declutter your garage, organize your belongings, and get the rest of your stuff off the garage floor, we can help. Over the years, we’ve designed a large variety of garage storage solutions for our clients. If you want to organize your garage, give us a call today!