Now that your Hillsborough home looks just the way you always envisioned, you can turn your focus towards your garage. The garage isn’t just a random room where you place your old Christmas decorations; it can be whatever you want it to be. From showroom to man cave, mudroom to sports equipment storage, we can help you. You can add garage cabinets, a garage racking solution, or decide on the best garage floor solution to enhance the space. Contact us today to get started, and read below to see which of our services is best for your needs.


Your garage storage can become whatever you’ve been dreaming about. If you love the classic feel and look of wood, we can help. Or, if you prefer the modern, sleek appearance of steel, say no more. The value of proper storage is immeasurable, and we hope to prove to you that your garage can quickly become one of your favorite places in your whole home.

Wood Cabinets

Let us start by saying that our garage wood cabinets are strong, durable, and made with your needs in mind. For starters, each and every shelf is one inch thick—even though the industry standard is only half an inch. That means our cabinets are stronger, longer lasting, and prepared to handle whatever it is you need to securely store away. Never be concerned about scratches and dings again with our wide, protective-edge banding. And, with several colors and styles to choose from, your new garage cabinets will be fully customized to meet both your style needs and your storage ones.

Steel Cabinets

Embrace the bold and modern feel of steel garage cabinets. With the color palette left entirely up to you, your garage storage and workstation will feel entirely your own. Each and every steel drawer was designed to be able to securely and comfortably hold 100 pounds of tools and equipment, yet glide open silently and effortlessly. Regardless of whether you want a wall of cabinets or a workstation with a built-in LED TV, our team is the one to call. Allow us to help you organize the chaos of your garage and implement organizational solutions that will stand the test of time.

Cabinet Finishes

We firmly believe that your garage space is not complete until the style and the function suit your needs. With that in mind, we can meet your finish preferences, regardless of whether you choose wood cabinets or steel cabinets. From bold, primary colors to classic wood finish, we can help. Reach out today to discuss your options or click the link to choose your favorites.


If your garage floor is just a concrete slab right now, you have no idea what kind of a difference a new garage floor can make. On top of your concrete floor, we can create a jaw-dropping vision that will accentuate your showroom vehicles, exotic car, or just create a more comfortable floor for your workstation. We offer over twenty stunning, garage floor solutions in epoxy flooring finishes that will all leave your floor looking brand-new for years to come. We also offer custom colors in case our current options do not match your vision.

Residential Garage Floors

We want your home to be your favorite place on the whole planet. With that said, our team knows just what it takes to make every inch of your home—your garage included—into a space you can rely on and trust to meet your needs. With a thorough understanding of the wear and tear our home garages take, our team takes the term “high-quality” to the extreme. There’s practically nothing that your tools, vehicles, and even your children can do to harm our garage flooring. Take the peace of mind that comes with durable flooring!

Garage Floor Finishes

Whatever floor covering is going to suit your needs best, we can help. Take the look of granite, terrazzo, or other stylish finishes for your flooring to match your new cabinetry! Our flooring will not disappoint, no matter which finish you select.


At Beautiful Garage, we firmly believe that only one thing belongs on the floor of your garage—your car. With that being said, we know this isn’t always the case. That’s where we can help. StorALL is our garage storage solution that provides a system of wall panels to mount whatever you need. Whether you need to store bikes, sports equipment, cleaning supplies, decorations, yard work tools, toys, or whatever else, this system can handle it. Contact us to learn more about our company and tell us what your needs are.

THE Beautiful Garage DIFFERENCE

Our team works a little bit differently than the other guys. We understand that our clients live busy lives and can’t take a week off of work to handle a garage remodel. That’s why we never start our projects in the garage. We begin by sitting down with you, figuring out your needs, working with your budget, meeting what we can on your wishlist, and adhering to a time frame that makes sense to you.