If you have ever found yourself walking around your house and wishing that you simply had more space—whether for storage, entertainment, or for a workshop. You aren’t alone. Instead of running right to a realtor to buy a bigger house, make sure you are really using your Lafayette home to its fullest storage capability. Have you made the most of your garage yet?

Most people forget that they can organize their garage for storage, entertainment, or even a showroom. If you are wondering what you could do with your garage space, it’s time to call us. With our premier Lafayette garage customization team, you can make the most of your garage.

Who is Garage Solutions?

We are a team that is passionate about organization, design, and quality materials. At Garage Solutions, we see and do things a little bit differently than others in the industry. We believe in letting our clients guide the remodel project, starting with their vision for their garages. From your first consultation with us, we let you take control, and we help where necessary. We’ll design your free plan that shows you exactly how your garage will look with the new cabinets, wall storage, and flooring, as well as how you can use it in the future. If that’s not enough, you get to keep garage design plan, regardless of whether you choose to work with us or not. Of course, if you do choose us, our team will be ready to go as soon as you say the word. We will give you the garage space you envisioned.

Services and Features

Lafayette Garage Flooring

If you’re tired of the concrete flooring covered in dust and constantly getting oil stains, we completely understand. It’s time to mix it up and bring in the new. Over the top of your boring concrete floor, we can add an epoxy garage floor coating that will provide you with the look and feel your garage truly deserves. Whether you prefer the look of granite or terrazzo, or even if you want to mix it up with sandstone, we have the finishes for you. In fact, we have over twenty gorgeous epoxy floor coatings for you to choose from. And if none of those matches quite what you had envisioned, talk to us. We offer custom flooring options upon request.

Lafayette Garage Cabinets

If right now you have no cabinets and perhaps just a clump of shelves in your garage, don’t panic. That’s what most people have, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your garage is a heavy duty space, and it has to be able to easily handle hard work and heavy tools. That’s why we offer garage cabinets made out of the finest materials on the market. We even have custom finishing options to match your style needs. If you’re looking for a lighter touch, we will custom build the garage cabinets, whether wood or steel, to fit your lifestyle needs.

Wood Cabinets: Some people simply prefer the look of wood, and we understand entirely. However, some folks shy away from choosing garage wood cabinets because they fear they won’t be strong enough for their needs. When you choose Garage Solutions, you can trust that all our wooden garage cabinets are made with shelves that are an inch thick. That’s half an inch thicker than the industry standard. We want your cabinets to stand up to whatever project or storage needs you may have. You won’t have to worry about nicks and dings on the edges with our wide, protective-edge banding. These wood cabinets last much longer than the competitors’ for one simple reason: they are made better.

Steel Cabinets:  Do you prefer a sleeker, more modern look? We have the steel garage cabinets to match. Our steel drawers can easily hold up to 100 pounds each while still gliding in and out without a sound. Our assorted color selection is wide and will match your style needs, undoubtedly. And, if that’s not enough, the durability and strength will give you the toughest garage cabinets you can expect. Give your workstation the power and functionality it deserves.

Lafayette Garage Storage

Your current garage might be filled with odds and ends, loose holiday decorations, some bicycles…the list goes on. If that mess and clutter is driving you insane, there’s something you can do about it. We offer an innovative and adjustable wall storage system that will allow you to get that clutter off the garage floor for good. Everything you have in there, from tools to yard equipment and more, can have an assigned spot. Imagine the possibilities, and ask us if you want to know more!

Contact Our Crew

Your idea for your garage might be something entirely different than the ideas we’ve listed, and that’s fine—surprise us. We can’t wait. Whether you are looking for a way to sort your sports equipment or you’re looking to build the best man cave in all of Lafayette, we can help. Trust Beautiful Garage to give you the help and tools you need to make your dream a reality.