The most neglected area of your home is likely the garage. Not only is a cluttered or disorganized garage unsightly, but it cannot be used for entertaining, playing, or much else without organizing it first. If you want to use your garage more often, you need a garage organization solution, whether that be cabinets, extra storage, wall storage, or all three. With our premier Los Altos garage customization and innovation team at Garage Solutions, you can take back your garage and make it the focal point of your home.


Garage Solutions was founded to provide homeowners with the tools they need to turn their dream garage into reality. From your very first consultation with our garage experts, we’ll create a free garage organization plan that details what your dream garage will look like, which is yours to keep whether or not you choose to partner with us. From there, our experienced team is prepared to take over and quickly and effectively install cabinets, wall storage, extra storage, and flooring to achieve the stunning garage you envisioned.


Los Altos Garage Flooring

We believe your ideal garage should start from the ground up, and that means designing and implementing a garage flooring solution that matches your home’s personality and your vision. We can do some truly innovative things with garage flooring design, any and all of which will look better than a traditional concrete slab. Whether you’re hoping for a surface to park the family car, a collection of exotic cars, or even an airplane, we not only provide the best possible surface, but we make it a work of art as well. With over twenty beautiful epoxy floor coatings to choose from, we are sure to have one you’ll love. And, if not, don’t stress—we can create a customized color to fit your garage flooring vision. We believe that it’s time to make your garage flooring more than just an afterthought.

Los Altos Garage Cabinets

Our garage cabinets are much more than reused kitchen cabinets slapped into the garage for a makeshift solution; instead, your garage cabinets will be a tailor-made realization of your dream for an organized, beautiful garage. Our experienced craftsmen can design the perfect metal or wood garage cabinets for your Los Altos home in the color and finish that best fits your vision. Check out our gallery to see a few of our past projects for local homeowners.

Wood Cabinets

When it comes to finding the beauty in unexpected places—including your garage—wooden garage cabinets are a great choice. We believe in matching your style, which is why we offer several wooden finishes to capture that classic look, but we also offer solid colors if your intention is to stand out. Our garage wood cabinets are both visually stunning and durable, with each shelf being made an inch thick, instead of the industry standard of half an inch. That means our cabinets last longer and look better than our competitors’. We also proudly feature European-made door hinges, heavy duty drawer sliders, and dowel construction that are unique to our company.

Steel Cabinets

Sometimes a modern, sleek look is essential to your vision, and we have the cabinets to help. Our metal garage cabinets and drawers have been built to withstand up to 100 pounds of equipment, yet they can glide open in total silence. We ensure that your garage steel cabinets are highly customizable. Implement an LED TV, add a workstation, or make your cabinets bright red. The choice is yours.

Los Altos Garage Storage

Finding storage solutions in an already cluttered garage is no small task. If you feel like clutter is an endless constant in your garage, you can definitely benefit from our customizable, interchangeable garage storage solutions like wall storage, extra storage, or cabinet storage. Having a place to park, play, and work while keeping tools, toys, and storage at arm’s reach may seem impossible, but it is entirely doable with our help. Regardless of what you need to store, be it bicycles, sporting equipment, cleaning supplies, toys, or yard work tools, we can help. Ask us about our StorALL wall system and how easy it will be to implement in your garage space.

THE Garage Solutions DIFFERENCE

At Beautiful Garage, we firmly believe that the perfect garage remodel doesn’t start in the garage—it starts with you. We ask you about your budget, your wish list, and your desired time frame. From there, we get to work aligning your vision with our design and installation to exceed your expectations. Our garage designer will come to your home to measure the space and discuss your options. Within 45 minutes, you’ll know exactly what we can do for you. After this meeting, you’ll be shown a 3D design of your new garage space so you can see what it will look like when our experts are finished with installation. If you don’t like it, you get to change it. It’s that simple.

We make it a point to work with the highest-rated and highest-quality manufacturers to ensure that you get the best products. That’s our promise to you. If you are ready to transform your Los Altos garage space, give us a call today!