You’ve renovated your kitchen, your bathrooms, your bedrooms, and your basement. The backyard is finally the paradise you had hoped it would become, and most areas of your home seem to be coming together in a way that looks great to you and your family. We are so excited to hear that! However, if you are like most Napa residents, you’ve probably neglected one crucial part of your home—your garage.

Your garage isn’t just an add-on to your home. For those who have discovered the true value of their garage, they have seen it transformed into a mudroom, a man cave, a sports equipment organizer, a playroom, a fitness center…the list goes on. So what is it these people did in order to take control of their garage space? They called Garage Solutions. Whatever you might want in your garage, we can help. Contact us now for a consultation. Take a look at the garage organization services we offer!

Napa Cabinets

Without garage cabinets or wall shelves in your garage, there is no organization! With that in mind, finding the right option for your garage is crucial if you want to live an organized life. Plus, we think that you’ll find your garage to be one of your favorite places in your home once you set up a solution to remove clutter and disorder!

Wood Cabinets

For many people, nothing can compare to the classic look and feel of wooden garage cabinets. With that said, some shy away from these in their garage because they are concerned about the longevity of wood. Throw these concerns away! Each and every shelf we make is one inch thick—even though the industry standard is only half an inch thick. So what does that mean for you? Your wooden garage cabinets have twice as much material to ensure that they are stronger, longer lasting, and more prepared to handle whatever it is they need to hold. Others avoid wood cabinets because they are worried about how susceptible they might be to damage. However, there’s no need to be concerned about scratches and dings ever again with our protective-edge banding. Plus, with many different colors and styles to choose from, your fully-customized garage cabinets will be built and designed exactly to your specifications. Together, we can meet your style needs and your organizational ones.

Steel Cabinets

Modern, bold, sleek—if these words describe the aesthetic you’re aiming for, then it’s time to consider steel cabinets for your garage. Your workstation needs an upgrade, and nothing says professional and organized quite like steel cabinets designed to your exact specifications. With the color palette left up to you, you can make sure that the garage cabinets match your space. All of our steel drawers hold up to 100 pounds of tools and equipment, yet they glide in and out silently and smoothly. It doesn’t matter whether you want a wall of metal cabinets or a workstation with a countertop for projects, our team of experts can design and install your vision. Let us restore harmony to your garage to make it usable for you and your family.

Napa Garage Flooring

When most people think about their garage flooring, they imagine a thick, concrete slab. While you might have no issues with your current floor, you have no idea how much of a difference epoxy floor coating can make! By adding a layer of epoxy coating over your existing concrete floor, you will now have a floor worthy of holding your vehicle. Create a showroom floor, or just experience the easy cleanup and durability of these floors.

Don’t worry—our team knows what sort of wear and tear the average garage goes through. With that said, we take the term “high-quality” to the extreme. There’s almost nothing your kids, your tools, or your vehicle can do to harm these epoxy-coated garage floors. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with new flooring that will make your garage easier to handle.

Napa Garage Storage

What do you have on the floor in your garage? If that answer is more than “my car,” then we have a problem. Everything you own can have a designated space, and we believe that it is our job to provide your home with this space. That’s why we offer our StorAll storage solution, which provides a system of wall panels to mount anything you need. From sports equipment to bicycles, cleaning supplies to yard work tools, we can handle the clutter. Your floors will be clear of any mess, and your garage walls will do all the work for you. Ask us about our StorALL system to learn more!

Garage Solutions is Napa’s Premier Choice

Transform your garage with Garage Solutions! We work a little differently than other garage storage and remodeling companies. You live a busy life, and you can’t just take a week off from work to monitor your garage remodel. That’s why our projects start with you and your schedule, your budget, and your demands. Together, we will lay out your wishlist and see what we can do to meet your needs. Contact our team to get started today!