Do you have a cluttered garage? Have you been looking for garage organization solutions but can’t quite find the right fit? You’re not alone. Many homeowners deal with a disorganized garage because they don’t have time to manage it, or they think it is normal to leave all their belongings on the floor. At Garage Solutions, we believe the only item that should be on your garage floor is your car–and we’ve seen this belief as optional, too.

Who We Are

Garage Solutions is a garage organization company, serving Tiburon, providing custom cabinetry, storage, and flooring to transform your garage space into a showroom, man cave, work area, or anything else you can dream up. Our entire goal is to help transform your garage space into a part of your home you enjoy spending time in. No more are the days that you have to climb over your bicycle, children’s sports gear, or miscellaneous belongings to retrieve a wrench or a rake. Our cabinetry and storage solutions offer a way to get all your stuff off your garage floor and into its designated, proper place.

Our Garage Organization Solutions

It’s common to find our garages as the most neglected room in our homes when it comes to organization. Many of our clients came to us with one question in mind, “how do I organize all my stuff and make my garage look great?” Our answer is simple: Cabinets, StorAll, and custom storage space.

Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage Floors In Tiburon

Do you own a vehicle that would look great on a showroom floor? Why not transform your garage into a showroom worthy of showing off your car? Garage Solutions offers epoxy flooring solutions to change your concrete slab into a beautiful aesthetic feature of your garage. We provide over 20 colors to choose from, and we will work with you to match which color or style works best with your overall garage vision.

Choose Garage Solutions for Your Storage Needs

After serving Tiburon for years, we understand what it takes to transform a garage from a figurative landfill site into one of the most attractive features of a home. If you want to declutter your garage, organize what’s already there, and give it an update, we can help. Our flooring options can change any garage space into a room you’ll want to spend a lot of time in. Give us a call today if you’re looking for a solution to your garage organization needs.