What greets you when you pull your car into the garage after a day’s work? Do you see a clean, clear area where you can immediately dive into your hobbies, projects, and more? If you don’t, you’re not alone. At Garage Solutions, we believe your garage can be more than an alternative storage unit. It can be a showroom, man cave, home office, and more. Whether you want to transform your garage into a different space or simply organize it, we can help!

Our custom garage storage systems will help get your belongings off the floor and into a dedicated storage space. We believe the only item that should be on your garage floor is your vehicle—and even that is optional. Our custom wood cabinets, dynamic StorALL wall storage, and epoxy floor coating offer a way to turn your dream garage into a reality.

The Garage Solutions Difference

Our priority is to get you the garage you want. When you choose Garage Solutions, not only do you get the finest materials from the best manufacturers, but you also get professional installers alongside top-tier customer service. We work closely with you to gather information and design your dream garage. Unlike many in the industry, we offer a 3D rendering of your new garage before we start. This allows us to collaborate further with you to turn your dream garage into a reality. Want to see some of our recent projects? View our galleries below:

The Best Garage Storage Systems in Woodside

As mentioned above, we only work with the finest materials and best manufacturers to transform our clients’ garages. We start with you, the client, and gather what you want, your wishlist, your budget, and a general timeline. Next, we design your dream garage using 3D rendering and collaborate with you to get the perfect layout and elements. Finally, we install your new garage storage and organization system.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Do you want a garage that looks like a showroom? How about a floor cover that is easier to clean than concrete? Epoxy garage floor coating is a premium product Garage Solutions offer to do more than just make your garage look even better than before. The garage floor is a feature that ties everything together. Whether you have exotic cars lined up in your garage, or you involved in activities that produce more dirt, an epoxy floor coating can help. We have more than 20 varieties of epoxy floor finishes, and if you don’t find one you like, we will make one custom for you. Finally, our garage epoxy floor installers apply the product to last a lifetime.

Transform Your Woodside Garage

Have you been putting off your garage storage and organization? Do you have an empty garage you would use more often if you had cabinets and wall storage? This is why Garage Solutions exists—to help you utilize your garage space to fit your lifestyle.

We offer custom garage storage and organization solutions to those looking to upgrade or arrange their garage. No longer do you have to stuff boxes into the corner or accept your belongings taking up floor space. With our garage cabinet systems and StoreALL wall storage system, you can get everything off the floor and away from your vehicle.

Are you ready to organize your Woodside garage? Call Garage Solutions today!