1. An image of Garage Solutions' epoxy floor coatings in San Francisco.

    Residential Garage Flooring: What Are The Possibilities?

    If there’s one message we want to convey to homeowners, it’s that the garage, while often overlooked when planning renovations, offers a tremendous amount of potential in realizing your dream home. With some renovations, your garage can transform from merely an area to keep your car out of the weather and collect old junk, to a workspace that truly works for you. With the transformations that …Read More

  2. Benefits of Epoxy Floors For Your Garage

    In the running for one of the best garage floor finishes has got to be epoxy concrete floors. Every type of garage flooring has some advantages and disadvantages to consider. However, epoxy floors are one of the options with fewer drawbacks and far more benefits. Understanding what those benefits are will help you get a better idea of whether or not you should hire the epoxy garage floor installer…Read More

  3. What is the best concrete floor coating?

    Do you have concrete garage flooring? Do you want to finish or coat it? When it comes to the best epoxy garage flooring in San Francisco, we know you have hundreds of companies to choose from, but the team at Beautiful Garage wants to win your business. We understand the difference between a garage that looks like a dungeon and a garage that shines like a showroom. Do want to show off your car or …Read More

  4. Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage

    When it comes to making the most of your garage space and keeping it as clean as possible, we can’t imagine an easier way to do so than epoxy flooring. Our team of professionals knows just how to coat your concrete garage floor with a durable, stain-resistant option that will completely change the way you view your garage space. Here are some of the top reasons we love epoxy flooring: These coat…Read More

  5. Insulating Your Garage to Add Usable Space

    If you’re hoping to use your garage as a space to exercise, work on a hobby or craft, or even turn into a mancave-style hangout spot, then you’ll need to plan out (and execute) some thorough insulation. Without insulation, your dream of a usable garage will be tossed aside as soon as the summer heat sets in. Techniques to Insulate & Improve Garage Comfort There are three distinct places th…Read More

  6. Skip Plastic Garage Floor Tiles

    There are plenty of ways to handle your garage, ranging from ignoring the crumbling, stained cement floor to an epoxy flooring upgrade that leaves you with a vibrant, eye-catching look. Somewhere between the two lies plastic garage floor tiles, which have seen a resurgence in popularity lately. Since we’ve torn out dozens of these pseudo-permanent flooring solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area…Read More

  7. Garage Flooring to Survive Rainy Season

    December through February represent the wettest month for San Francisco Bay Area residents, with January taking the cake for the wettest month; beyond just the wettest, January represents the true pivot into the rainy season. The increased precipitation means the highest annual levels of abuse for your garage flooring. Check out some of our inspired Bay Area garage flooring solutions here! Moistur…Read More

  8. Concrete Absorbs & Transfers Moisture

    To say that most people have a lofty or incorrect expectation and understanding of their concrete garage flooring is an understatement, to say the least. Perhaps one of the largest areas that people misunderstand their garage flooring’s capabilities is when it comes to moisture absorption and transference. Building 101: Never Touch Wood to Concrete A basic rule in home building is to never, ever…Read More

  9. Other Garage Improvements

    If you’re looking to add value to your garage beyond the cabinets, storage, and garage flooring offered through Beautiful Garage, the San Francisco Bay Area’s top choice for reimagined garage spaces, then be sure to look at these additional potential garage improvements that add real value to your home. Adding Value to Renovated Garages Lighting The simplest solutions are almost always best; n…Read More

  10. Give the Gift of Garage Flooring

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a hard-to-buy-for significant other, consider giving them the gift of a new garage flooring installation. While it may not seem like the first gift you’d think of, it certainly won’t fail to impress. By getting rid of that tired and worn out garage flooring, replacing it instead with a dazzling design or beautiful color that will much better stand t…Read More