Your garage doesn’t need to languish as a disorganized space to hold onto years of clutter — especially if you can’t even park inside. With a bit of garage storage and organization, you can get it to a useful space easily enough. Or, you can turn it into something even more. From an at-home gym to a personalized car showroom to a lush entertaining space, your garage has the potential to become your favorite part of the house. 

Once you decide on your garage renovations, it’s only natural that you want to dive in and get started right away. After all, the sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy the fruits of your labor! But slow down for a moment. Depending on where you live, now may not be the best time to dive into renovations. Here’s what you should consider before breaking ground on your garage renovation: 

Consider How Invasive Your Project Is

First things first, it’s important to think about what you want to do to your garage. Adding an epoxy garage floor coating or installing custom garage cabinet systems aren’t quite as invasive as, say, installing new plumbing. If you plan to convert your garage to a space to entertain, complete with a full kitchen or bar, you’ll need to do a bit more planning. Fortunately, your renovation contractors will give you guidance if the weather will impact your project. But generally speaking, materials that will need time to set — concrete or epoxy garage floor coatings, for example — may affect the time of year you can undertake your garage renovations. 

Temperature and Humidity Concerns

There are plenty of variations out there for concrete, spray insulation, epoxy garage floor coatings, and other renovation materials. What this means is that your local contractors will have options that they can use to provide the most effective result depending on your local climate and the time of year. If humidity, heat, or cold will be a concern, your contractor will advise you accordingly. Be sure to discuss how they handle schedule changes if, say, the scheduled installation day is too rainy to pour your epoxy garage floor coating. 

Time of Year

The other big thing to consider is how the time of year will impact renovation popularity. Consider, for example, that most folks will want to upgrade their furnaces during late summer and into the fall. If your project is more seasonally affected, think about how much competition you’ll face for scheduling. 

The other side of the coin is to consider when you’ll want to use your updated space. In terms of many garage renovations, they’ll make your space usable year-round, so timeliness isn’t as big of an impact. However, if you’re going to create an indoor-outdoor hosting space or you’re planning to add garage storage and organization to tidy all of your outdoor hobby accoutrement, 

Choosing Experienced Contractors

Fortunately, we’re pretty blessed for good renovation conditions here in the Bay Area. No matter how you want to transform your garage, trust your project to the local, experienced pros. Connect with Beautiful Garage for custom epoxy garage floor coatings, cabinetry, and more to make your renovation dreams a reality.