After a long day at the office, do you have somewhere to relax, kick back, and let it all go? If given the choice, few men would pass up the opportunity to have their own man cave. Whether it’s a place for solitude and hobbies or a space for enjoying football games with your friends, a man cave is meant to be the ultimate getaway within the comfort of your own home. And here’s how you can take your cluttered garage and turn it into your ideal man cave: 

Start From Scratch

No, we’re not suggesting that you raze your garage and build something brand new — as much as you might like to just bulldoze the clutter and start fresh, you don’t have to. However, if you want to create your own man cave, it’s a good idea to start with a clean slate. Clear out the clutter, trash or donate whatever you don’t use, and organize anything you plan to keep. 

Plan Your Theme

This should be the best part of the process (until you see the final product). Do you want to make your man cave a personal sports hall of fame, or are you looking for space to build model planes, complete with organization for every little piece? If you don’t have a clear theme in mind, it’s important to have a plan to unify the space — even if your ‘theme’ is “sports bar” or “the guys’ rec room.” Understanding your overall focus will help you make decisions for every update and finish throughout the process. 

From the Ground Up

Now that you have a theme in mind and a clear space, it’s easier to decide what you want to do. Before you haul everything back into your garage, cover up that cold, boring concrete slab. An epoxy garage floor coating can make your space more inviting, correspond to your theme, and provide some impressive durability. And, if you need to, just hose it down for a quick cleaning! 

Plan For Storage

When you reach this stage, you should have already cleared everything out of your garage. And, while you plan to turn it into your man cave, the garage is the most commonly used storage space in most homes, so you’ll still need to plan to store at least some of the garage’s previous inhabitants. Talk to your garage remodel team about custom garage cabinet systems that match your theme and provide the storage needed. 


The details are what will really pull your space together. Consider installing a wet bar and comfortable seating to go with a large projection screen for watching the Big Game. Want to focus on your hobbies? Have space to display your creations, not just your tools. 

When it’s time to outfit your man cave, make sure it’s good from the ground up. Connect with Beautiful Garage for epoxy garage floor coating, custom garage cabinets, and more options for custom garage renovations in San Francisco and across the Bay Area.